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Colon Hydrotherapy, as performed with the Toxygen Model BSC-UV, is a method of cleansing the entire colon without the use of drugs or chemicals of any kind. It is a therapist assisted procedure that maintains the dignity and comfort of the patient throughout the treatment. It has shown to be more...

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Colon cleansing for health: Is it all just marketing-driven rubbish? While it seems that every wellness spa, holistic health practitioner and detox diet guru is touting the benefits of flushing out your colon now and then, a recent review of 20 studies on the procedure says it’s not only unlikely to promote health or weight loss, it’s often responsible for nasty complications and side effects.


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Yahoo answersDo you need to perform an enema while juice fasting?

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    I think its up to the person who is taking the juice fast. The purpose of the fast is to help your system clean out the toxins, an enema can help this even further. The reason they don't say it...

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  • 5 Tips for a Successful Colonic Treatment

    You'll also hear it called "colon hydrotherapy" or "colon irrigation," which might sound like the nether regions are about to become a construction site. Fear not! As you'll Find a reputable clinic that uses disposable equipment to avoid infection

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    Specialist treatment rooms for Ayurveda, Thai, colonic hydrotherapy and Watsu therapy are also situated on this level. Facilities on the first floor include male and female Hammams, a meditation cave, single and double The guests will be able to

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Information on enemas and enema kits for colon cleansing . Buy our enema bags for colonics or douching using our Colon Pro™ colon cleansing program

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Prime Pacific manufactures colon hydrotherapy equipment for professional colonic clinics and home enema kits. We also provide colonic hydrotherapy training.

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Colon Wellness sells professional colonic devices for closed system therapy equipment, such as Specialty Health Products, Prime Pacific and Dotolo Research

Enema, enema equipment, enema nozzles, enema hose, enema clamps ...
Need home enema equipment? Buy enema equipment, enema nozzles, enema hose, enema clamps and complete colon cleanse enema supplies here. Purchase colon cleanse ...

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The FDA has issued several letters warning manufacturers and suppliers of colon hydrotherapy equipment about making false claims of effectiveness, ...

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