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A way to remember science in a fun and musical way.

I Was Fat, Sick, Nearly Dead and Juicing Before It Was Cool

Juicing, man. People treat it like religion. Over the weekend, I caught the documentary,  Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead  on streaming Netflix. At first I almost walked away from it, since it seemed like an ego-driven vehicle for some rich guy to share his wondrous views for a few hours. But I couldn't stop watching. He goes on a 60-day juice-fast and loses close to 100 lbs while ruminating on what led him (and...

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Yahoo answersWhat elements are digestive enzymes made up of?

  • Chemistry

    Ok, some enzymes are composed of amino acids which contain Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen. There will also be a metal element typically Iron or Zinc "Like all proteins, enzymes are long,...

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    Some scientists, for example, think it might be possible to develop oral enzyme therapies. These would digest away the bits of gluten that cause allergic reactions because they aren't properly digested in the gut by natural digestive enzymes. Others

  • Your health: Can you catch an itch?

    Research published online last week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences offered evidence of the neurotic basis of contagious itch. In the study, conducted by psychologists in Britain, 51 healthy For long-term digestive health

  • NREL Researchers Use Imaging Technologies to Solve Puzzle of Plant ...

    The NREL scientists found that the gummy, poly-aromatic non-sugar lignin in plants interferes with enzymes' ability to access the polysaccharides in the cell wall - the stuff that both the enzymes and the industry want. walls intact, thus leaving a

  • Grapefruit and pills mix warning

    By James Gallagher Health and science reporter, Chemicals in grapefruit, furanocoumarins, wipe out an enzyme which breaks the drugs down. It means much more of the drug escapes the digestive system than the body can handle. Toxic

  • Scientists probe mystery of venus fly trap

    The plant manages to survive in this tough environment by trapping and digesting insects in order to fulfill their nutritional needs. "In these bogs you see a lot As the insect struggles to escape, it triggers even more outgrowths, causing the

Learn more about digestive enzyme | e! Science News
by infecting the body’s macrophages. Normally, macrophages engulf bacteria and then release powerful digestive enzymes that destroy the bacteria.

Learn more about digestive enzymes | e! Science News
by infecting the body’s macrophages. Normally, macrophages engulf bacteria and then release powerful digestive enzymes that destroy the bacteria.

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GCSE Science/Digestion - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
GCSE Science/Digestion. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world ... (e.g. digestive enzymes) work outside the cell. Enzymes are biological catalysts.

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