Digestive System (Kinect In Science)

A small program I made for use with the Kinect. It will test a students knowledge of the different parts of the digestive system . Hopefully it will help them retain the knowledge of where everything is. For more programs check out my blog at www.raychambers.wordpress.com - There are a few more on...

What's New In Science? - Aberdeen University Science Magazine

Renewable Energy Source to Help Sub-Saharan Communities

Scientists at the University of Aberdeen and the James Hutton Institute are combining their knowledge on a project to investigate the potential of a renewable energy source, and specifically whether it can help Sub-Saharan African communities. The source uses ‘digesters’ to generate a fuel called biogas from organic waste. These digesters work...

Source: Aberdeen University Science Magazine

Yahoo answersHow do you make amylase? Is there an appropriate substitute for it in a science lab?

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    The school could easily order some amylase for your experiment or you could get some yourself from food and wine-making shops. Amylase is a specific type of enzyme and is used in jam and bread...

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  • Wheat for people allergic to gluten: Possible?

    Writing in the journal PNAS, a team of scientists concludes that it's quite possible. People with serious These would digest away the bits of gluten that cause allergic reactions because they aren't properly digested in the gut by natural digestive

  • Grapefruit and pills mix warning

    By James Gallagher Health and science reporter, . Grapefruit. Continue reading the main story It means much more of the drug escapes the digestive system than the body can handle. Toxic. Three times the levels of one blood pressure drug,

  • University of Kentucky researcher accused of falsifying data for a decade

    Much of his funding came from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Smart's salary was almost $164,000, according to UK. He oversaw must request retractions or

  • Flu deaths reality check

    In a CBC interview a few weeks ago an editor of the Canadian Medical Association Journal said: "Four thousand to 8,000 people die every year of influenza." It comes directly from the desk of Canada's chief public health officer. "The flu is serious

  • Yuck Alert: Body parts stars of science exhibit

    Among the displays will be a diseased lung and a healthy lung, side by side. Another will show the complete digestive system . Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt, director of Louisville's public health department, tells The Courier-Journal ( ) the exhibit will be

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