digestive system science project

hey guys this is a science project that I did in class hope you learn some information from this video!! thanks

Science Saturday - Digestive System Experiments - The Home ...

I have to admit. The kids had a little more fun studying the digestive system ( Apologia Human Anatomy and Physiology )  than I thought they were going to have. While my 6th grade daughter is actually the one taking the course, my 2nd grade son got into the activities we did – mainly because of the gross factor. I mean spit, churned up food and poop. What more can a boy ask for? yuck.


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Yahoo answersHow should i make a 3D mkdel of the digestive system for my science project?

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    use modeling clay, plastacine or something like that. Find a deatailed pic online and copy it very precisly! thats what i did last yr!

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