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Yahoo answersHow do you make an artificial digestive system?

  • Biology

    The system is able to animate the growing processes based on stored information about the known movemets and based on several known development stages will be developed. Preliminary, the system...

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    The students in Mrs. Souza's animal science class have been learning about the ruminant digestive systems in animals Mrs. Souza thought it would be a great idea of instead of just reading about the ruminant digestive system that her students would

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    Roger Deutsch, CEO of Cell Sciences Systems, Author of "Your Hidden Allergies are Making you Fat" and the pioneer of the popular global ALCAT Test spoke at the conference that was held at the Harbor Beach Marriott Resort and Spa. Deutsch discussed how

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    By James Gallagher Health and science reporter, . Grapefruit. Continue reading the main story It means much more of the drug escapes the digestive system than the body can handle. Toxic. Three times the levels of one blood pressure drug,

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    Jensen, of Portland, climbed a zit-filled human skin wall, created fart noises, walked through a giant nose and slid his way through a 3-D model of the digestive system as he discovered the foul yet scientific happenings inside the human body. Based on

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    "This is a scientific guess. This is not the truth," Dr. Michael Gardam, director of the infection prevention and control unit at the University Health Network in Toronto and a longtime flu watcher, told me. The fact is, no one knows how many people

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Food gives us energy. The dinner we ate last night will let us run, walk, think, and write today. If we stopped eating we would run out of energy and die.

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The Digestive system is the biological system that performs digestion (the process by which food and drink are broken down and absorbed). While some forms of ...

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Kids learn more about the science of the human digestive system. How we turn food into energy for our bodies.

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