High Definition Imaging of the GI Tract-Mayo Clinic

Just as cameras and televisions have been reinvented in the last decade with improved optics, sharpness and brightness, so have the tiny imaging scopes that physicians use to peer into the bodys nooks and crannies — its organs and digestive system. Researchers at the Florida campus of Mayo Clinic...

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM | Science Study Point

Djestion :-   It can be defined as     – the breaking down  of complex food substances by enzymes  to simpler soluble  subsances  which can be  absorbed by our body,

In most animals  this action takes place  in the Alimentary canal or gut.

Enzymes are secreted either by glands in the gut-wall or ones whose ducts open into the gut.

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digestive system - Science Definition
digestive system definition: The alimentary canal together with the salivary glands, liver, pancreas, and other organs of digestion.digestive systemA. mouth, B ...

digestion - Science Definition
digestion science definition. Listen See in Thesaurus See in a sentence. ... digestive system. digestive tract. digitalis. digital. digitize.

Digestive system | Define Digestive system at Dictionary.com
Science Dictionary. digestive system (dī-jěs'tĭv) ... digestive system definition. The organs and glands in the body that are responsible for digestion.

What Is The Digestive System? - Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative ...
A definition of the digestive system, which is the system in the body that is used to process food and turn it into energy.

Digestive System Glossary | JVC's Science Fair Projects
Your Guide to Science Fair Topics, Ideas, Experiments, and Winning Displays. Home; ... digestive system . The organ system that transports food into the body, ...

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