Scratch Demo: Digestive System Game with Intro

This project is created for my 11-year-old son's science project. He design the sprites, the story line, and game rule; I added the scripts and cartoons.

Homeschooling During Overwhelming Times


Ever had “one of those” days? weeks? months? years? You know – things just seem… tough. Not impossible. Not horrible. Not even difficult.

You know you can handle everything God throws your way, but you really wish He’d just give you a moment to catch your breath between volleys. I’ve been there.

I am...

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Yahoo answershow to make a board game about the digestive system?

  • Biology

    It could be a long line spread out like the digestive system with one end being the mouth and the other end being the colon, and everything in between on the way, like oesophagus, stomach,...

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Digestive System - Kids Science Videos, Games and Lessons that ...
Digestive System - Kids science videos, lessons, quizzes and games for K-12 grade school kids that make learning fun and interesting.

Digestive System Game: Digestive System matching name
Digestive System vocabulary game to match the names with the picture.

Human Digestive System - Free Science Lesson Plans, Activities ...
Printable Blank Outline of the Digestive System . From Cells to System - Digestive . A ... Interactive Science Games & Activities for Kids. ...

Digestive System - - Create & Play Online Games
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DIGESTIVE SYSTEM GAMES . Digestive System Crossword Digestive System Word Search Digestive Jigsaw . Digestive System - Studio4Learning Videos Digestive System ...

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